Dealing With Difficult Children In The Classroom

Dealing With Difficult Children In The Classroom

The classroom is supposed to be a fun and safe environment where students can go to learn.  In some cases, however you may come across a student that is difficult or wants to cause problems.  If you come across these types of students here are some tips that you can follow. 

For those teaching at a christian elementary school in florida they have a few students that need special attention.  To make sure that they get their attention teachers need to have meetings to discuss these issues.  Some of the responses are as followed.

Group classes

Putting kids into groups to work together will help everyone to work off their strengths.  If you are good at writing, then you can work on the papers.  If you are better off in doing visual projects, then you can create dioramas, posters and other items showing that you understand the material.

Talking with parents

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It is important to talk with parents.  When you talk to parents you can get a better understanding of the issues that the child may be facing.  Since parents spend the majority of the time with the child it is a good way to have everything work together.

Have students teach the class

Sometimes the classes can be boring and one way to switch it up is to have the students teach the class.  When we have students teaching the class, they will take on the responsibility of learning how to manage a class, teach a lesson and as a result have a better understanding and respect for the craft.  In these situations, students will begin to stop acting out and really take advantage of what it is they are learning.

The last thing you want to do is provoke or challenge a child in these situations.  It is important to be calm, focused and find solutions that will resolve issues and not cause new ones.